Saturday, March 20, 2010

I just want my @Facebook account back

Some of you may have read my post from earlier this week about my Yahoo account getting hacked

When they hacked my Yahoo mail, they requested and received a password change on Facebook. They logged in to Facebook -- and even tried to use the same scam on my friends via chat to get cash. 

About mid-day Sunday, I requested a password change from Facebook and took back over my Facebook account. Later that evening, I received an email from Facebook that due to suspicious behavior they had disabled my account. They said I needed to send them an email verifying that I was the account holder. I sent them the message with that info and didn't hear back from them. 

When I still couldn't access my account on Monday, I tried to request a password change and received a warning that my Facebook account had been disabled and that I needed to visit the FAQ

After visiting the FAQ, I followed the instructions about who to email and what info to share to get my account back. I did that on Monday and again on Wednesday and again on Thursday and have received zero word from Facebook. I even tried tweeting a couple of "Friends of friends" that work at Facebook. Again -- nothing. 

This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for Facebook's faulty practice of tying fan pages to people's profiles. I manage the fan page for our non-profit and a couple of our auxiliaries. Thankfully, we've always had the practice of also listing another employee as an admin. But, it doesn't change the fact that I currently can't edit those pages and do a main part of my job. 

On the major bummer side, my nephew had a baby shortly before all of this happened. And, I know he's been talking about the baby and posting pictures, and I'm missing out on that. 

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