Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Am I Passionate About?

I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor yesterday. It gave me a little bit of an epiphany, although its something I've been thinking about a lot.

My neighbor was laid off from his job on Friday. To be honest, before the conversation started I was a little confused about what he did for a living (I thought he was in computers / software engineering, and it turns out he's a tech / medical writer). As soon as he cleared up the confusion about what he did for a living, I immediately started throwing out resources for him about recruiters that I know in the area that he should contact for potential job opportunities.

I also do that on Twitter. One of the first "Follow Friday" recommendations I received was for being social and trying to make connections.

I like connecting people to other people that can help them get what they need. And, sometimes it may not be a person. Sometimes it may be a business.

In some ways, I want to be like the Santa Claus from the Miracle on 34th Street. One of my favorite parts of that movie is when the Santa Claus tells the mom about a better place to go find the toy the child wants for Christmas. We should all be like that.

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